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Display standsDisplay stands
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Display stands

Amazing displays set up easily in minutes!

We manufacture our PopUp frames from high quality drawn aluminum tubing for extra strength and durability. We even manufacture our own hubs and channel bars to ensure trouble free set-up show after show and year after year. We are a wholesale manufacture for clients in all over the world.

L-Banner ECO II
“L-Banner ECO II” is an especially narrow double-sided mobile display.
L-Banner 90
Mobile display "L-Banner 90" is original because of its construction.
L-Banner Express
"L-Banner Express" is very simple to use and to move
It has a telescopic pole that allows you to adjust your message from a height of 82 cm to 200 cm....
X-Banner Easy
“X-Banner Easy” has an original design and construction.
X-Banner Premium
Authentic design and construction mobile display “X-Banner Premium” is suitable for...
X-Banner Desktop
"X-Banner Desktop" is very small and has an original design.
ECO Roll Up
"Eco Roll Up" is only 47 cm width.
Express Roll Up
Mobile display "Express Roll Up" is very quick to set-up.
Luxury Roll Up
The Best Seller banner stand! A single sided roller banner stand has a fully enclosed satin...
Luxury Double Roll Up
A compact double-sided roller banner stand is suitable for presentations, seminars and...
Elegant Roll Up
A mobile display "Elegant Roll Up" has a stabile and elegant basement.
Giant Roll Up
You will create a really impressive view with this very big format mobile display.
Mini Roll Up
"Mini Roll Up" is compact and easy to set-up. Format - A3.
Twin Banner
Original design double-sided display "Twin Banner".
Triple Banner
Three faces banner stand for extrodinary results.
Maximum exposure mobile display.
Pop Up
   Pop Up
"Pop Up" is a modern, ultra compact, light-weight, easy to set-up mobile display tool.
Pop Up Promotional Table
Portable promotional unit is suitable for presentations or demonstration stands.
Promo Table
Plastic promotional table is light-weight, easy to transport and quick to set-up.
Leaflet Holder "Prospector"
"Prospector" mobile leaflet holder is quick to fold. There is a possibility to keep all leaflets...
Leaflet Holder "Portalit"
"Portalit" is a stylish quick to unfold leaflet holder.
Leaflet Holder "Promo Holder"
"Promo Holder" is a solid durable and quick to unfold leaflet holder.
Leaflet holder "Neyl"
"Neyl" is light-weight and easy to unfold.
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Display stands
L-Banner ECO IIL-Banner ECO II
L-Banner 90L-Banner 90
L-Banner ExpressL-Banner Express
X-Banner EasyX-Banner Easy
X-Banner PremiumX-Banner Premium
X-Banner DesktopX-Banner Desktop
ECO Roll UpECO Roll Up
Express Roll UpExpress Roll Up
Luxury Roll UpLuxury Roll Up
Luxury Double Roll UpLuxury Double Roll Up
Elegant Roll Up Elegant Roll Up
Giant Roll UpGiant Roll Up
Mini Roll UpMini Roll Up
Turning Mobile DisplayTurning Mobile Display
Twin BannerTwin Banner
Triple BannerTriple Banner
Folding Wall SystemFolding Wall System
Pop UpPop Up
Pop Up Promotional TablePop Up Promotional Table
Promo TablePromo Table
Leaflet Holder "Prospector"Leaflet Holder "Prospector"
Leaflet Holder "Portalit"Leaflet Holder "Portalit"
Leaflet Holder "Promo Holder"Leaflet Holder "Promo Holder"
Leaflet holder "Neyl"Leaflet holder "Neyl"
Flag Shank (Mobile)Flag Shank (Mobile)


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